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    1. That ventilation is comfortable. The structure of the hanging eyeport makes the wind not directly blow in the window to the man or women. At this time, the hanging window can efficiently reduce the wind swiftness, and the ventilation efficiency could be improved while improving the particular comfort.
    2, safe plus practical, if you create a savings fund open casement window, your child is easy to contact the head, and should the glass is not good enough, when the high-rise wind turbine is large, the window is straightforward to shatter the glass when it is opened and closed. Actually in today’s high-rise properties, when the wind can be strong, the casement window is difficult to repair; if the hanging window can be used, especially the upper hanging inner hanging as well as the lower hanging outer beginning, the above mentioned problems can be avoided; From the perspective from the window, when the eye-port is opened below 45°, that force surface is tiny, one can ensure the safety on the window, and the other is the requirement for the section is small. If the opening angle is too large, the force will be large in the direction in which the window splits. In this case, on the 1 hand, it is impossible to counteract sudden strong winds, in contrast, the quality requirements of the supported parts are likewise high, and the aging level of the parts is as well faster.

    3, the interior is refreshing, the drawbacks belonging to the conventional window will be obvious inside rainy days. If the north along with south windows are opened concurrently, the rain will easily enter your house; if it is sunny, the dust problem really should be considered. First, the boisterous day is almost untouched. And to a a number of extent can reduce in house dust, and indoor washing wholesale Laminated Glass is safe as well as convenient.

    4, better closing, the structural characteristics of the hanging window makes the idea better sealing performance, taking the sliding window as an example, encountering the sliding screen with poor workmanship, even when it is closed, the sides will sometimes predict the wind, and this couple of winter indoors The effect of insulation are going to be great. In contrast, the structure of the suspended window is more difficult, which makes it much more excellent in sealing performance.

    5, humanized and effortless, the degree of freedom in the hanging window is better, and now there tend to be some hanging windows, which is often hung up and down and can be opened flat, can change the way of opening according in order to different needs, which is difficult to obtain the other two windows of.

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